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Coming Out Follow-Up

Theo Fenraven

First, I want to thank those of you (and there were so many!) who came out in support of AJ and me a couple days ago. As I’ve said previously, I was amazed and overjoyed at how readily most of you accepted what we had to say. More, you showered us with love and support beyond our wildest imaginings.

Words cannot adequately express how much that means to us.

We go forward with lightness in our step and a huge weight off our shoulders. This is all due to YOU. Thank you so much.


And now it must be said: there are those few of you who got pissed over what I had to say. Who took my confession as proof I deceived and betrayed you. You’d followed my blog, read my stories, believed everything I wrote, and when you realized some of it wasn’t true, you felt like I kicked…

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